Whole Poulet Rouge Chicken by Joyce Farms


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Whole Poulet Rouge Chicken from Joyce Farms

Free range, pasture-raised on small family farms in the USA with nothing added -- no growth stimulants, no hormones, no antibiotics or other drugs, no pesticides, and no preservatives.

Highly sought after by chefs, the Poulet Rouge chicken is a specialty heritage breed from France known for its superior culinary qualities. It is a true, slow growing heritage chicken with parchment-like skin and an unsurpassed flavor and texture. This high quality meat requires only the simplest preparation for an impressive result -- simply olive oil, salt, and pepper baked in the oven for 40 minutes!

All Joyce Farm chickens eat a vegetable diet, containing no animal byproducts or artificial ingredients. They are fed a natural, all-vegetable diet with no animal by-products ever. The birds drink only fresh water that is regularly tested for purity.

Joyce Farms receives it chicks from breeders who are chosen from only the best stock to produce healthy, great tasting birds, and every Joyce Farms chicken is born and raised in the USA, so they are fully traceable back to their farm of origin.


Animal Welfare Certified (GAP Step 4)

Average weight is approximately 2.65 Pounds