Local Medium Thanksgiving Turkey - PREORDER


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Reserve your MEDIUM Thanksgiving Turkey! 

MEDIUM Turkeys range from 16-20 lbs

Turkeys are available for delivery or pick-up November 20-24, ONLY. Please choose a date in this range at check out.

Turkeys will be stored and delivered FROZEN. If you require a fresh turkey please contact us - we are able to arrange fresh pick-up on specific days, 11/19-11/20 only. Fresh turkey cannot be delivered.

Our Turkeys come from Joyce Farms in Winston-Salem, NC. These turkeys are hatched, raised, and harvested on small family farms that use environmentally regenerative agricultural practices with a commitment to humane, responsible animal husbandry. These all-natural turkeys are free to roam in barns, fed an all vegetable diet, raised without antibiotics, and minimally processed without any injections or fillers.

This is a preorder deposit* to reserve your turkey. This purchase goes toward the total price of the turkey. Remaining amounts due will be invoiced at $4.75/lb prior to the delivery or pick-up date of your choosing.

*This deposit is not refundable.