Local Ground Pork Sausage by Smoky Mountain Mangalitsa


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Local Ground Pork Sausage by Smoky Mountain Mangalitsa

Pasture-Raised in Waynesville, NC

Cajun Flavor

An extremely unique, hard to find pork with a true melt-in-your-mouth quality due to a significantly different fat composition!

Mangalitsa is a heritage breed that was nearly extinct as recently as 1997. This curly haired pig takes 18 months to develop, compared to only 5 or 6 months for the more conventional meat breeds. Catherine at Smoky Mountain is raising her pigs in a pasture rotation system, with room to roam and wallow, and fresh spring water to drink. Her pigs are fed only non-GMO feed. These factors contribute to why Mangalitsa is more expensive than other pork -- but the marbling and flavor are absolutely worth the cost! 

1lb package