Local Joyce Farms Heritage Black Thanksgiving Turkey - PREORDER


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Reserve your Heritage Thanksgiving Turkey!

Heritage Turkeys weigh 16 lbs or more. Because these birds are raised through an entirely natural process, the farm has less control over their exact size. 

Turkeys are available for delivery or pick-up November 20-24, ONLY. Please choose a date in this range at check out.

Turkeys will be stored and delivered FROZEN. If you require a fresh turkey please contact us - we are able to arrange fresh pick-up on specific days, 11/19-11/20 only. Fresh turkey cannot be delivered.

These heritage turkeys are one of the first breeds to be developed from Native American stocks. This breed is well-suited for foraging, and the farm raises these special birds on pasture, on a small family farm in North Carolina. They are processed by hand, and they are air chilled to preserve flavor, tenderness, and perfect texture.

These slow-growing birds are pasture raised, and we have it on good authority that once you have enjoyed Thanksgiving with one of these birds, you will have to have one every year.  These birds are characterized by superior juiciness, lots of dark thigh meat, skin that browns and stays on the slices for an amazing presentation on the plate or platter.

Our Turkeys come from Joyce Farms in Winston-Salem, NC. These turkeys are hatched, raised, and harvested on small family farms that use environmentally regenerative agricultural practices with a commitment to humane, responsible animal husbandry. These all-natural turkeys are free to roam in barns, fed an all vegetable diet, raised without antibiotics, and minimally processed without any injections or fillers.

This is a preorder deposit* to reserve your turkey. This purchase goes toward the total price of the turkey. Remaining amounts due will be invoiced at $9.00/lb prior to the delivery or pick-up date of your choosing.

*This deposit is not refundable.