Focus More by Forces of Nature


Focus More Drops by Forces of Nature

Homeopathic, Organic Plant Medicine

0.34 Fluid Ounces, Contains 20% Alcohol

Non-Drowsy and Non-Addictive

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Grain Alcohol*, Bergamot Oil*, Taraxacum Officinale* 6C (For Irritability, Impaired Thinking), Verbena* 12C (For Nervousness, Helps Brighten Mental Powers), Lactuca Virosa* 12C (For Great Restlessness, Difficulty Concentrating), German Chamomile* 30C (For Restlessness), Coffea Cruda* 30C (For Unusual Mind Activity, Emotional Ailments), Scutellaria Lateriflora* 12C (For Restlessness, Nervousness)