Locally Made Cloth Masks by The Indigo Prophet

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At Carolina Flowers, we are fortunate to have been gifted a number of masks. We wear them while packing deliveries, wrapping flowers, loading vans and making deliveries. We so appreciate everyone who has made and given masks!

Comfort is critical. A well fitting mask means the wearer doesn’t touch his or her face.

These masks from our neighbors at the Indigo Prophet are the most comfortable we have experienced! We were surprised to discover that — we thought the tie back was weird from afar, but it’s actually essential to ensuring a proper fit over the nose that doesn’t slide down. We’ve found elastic gapes at the nose, leading the wearer to constantly pull up on the mask. That’s a no-no.

So, these masks are our go to!

Here are the specs from The Indigo Prophet:

The Indigo Prophet heard the CDC's recommendation and they bring you The Mean Jean Cotton Mask - named after their four legged friend who is currently recovering from a stay in the hospital for eating something she shouldn't have. Designed to help keep you safe when outside your door, their masks are handmade out of 100% cotton muslin for easy washing, with cloth ties for prolonged comfort and a side opening to fit a filter if desired.

$3 of each sale donated to the Madison County Animal Shelter to help out other four legged friends in need.

*Due to the nature of this garment all sales are final.

**Please note this is a cloth mask compliant to the CDC recommendations for homemade masks and are not medical grade.