Local Walnut Schoolhouse Hearth Loaves FRIDAY/SATURDAY ONLY


We have run out of stock for this item.

PLEASE read everything below.

This bread is amazing, but it is only available on Friday and Saturday. Please make sure you select a Friday or Saturday delivery date. Our system isn’t yet sophisticated enough to check you, so you have to be good.

If y’all don’t behave yourselves, we won’t be able to carry this bread.

So, Friday and Saturday orders only please.

Now, about this bread. It is so lovely. It’s baked with love and care in a woodfire oven at a tiny mountain bakery, Walnut Schoolhouse, outside of Marshall by Brennan Bryce.

The bakery is right up the hill from our flower farm. We’ve got big ideas for future events together one day!

The hearth loaf is a wonderful crusty sourdough, perfect for cheese and drinks on the porch, or with jam and butter in the morning, or with peanut butter at lunchtime. I would eat this in a weekend for every meal.