The Zadie's Vision

Zadie's Grocery Delivery

Zadie’s connects shoppers with farmers and producers through a customizable grocery shopping experience. Shop online for delivery or curbside pickup, available now. Shop in-store soon! Our first brick-and-mortar is slated to open in late 2020 or early 2021.

Zadie’s is good grocery. We’re committed to fresh, local produce grown on farms in the Asheville area. We also source produce from other places, but we opt for organic and naturally grown products when possible. Our dry goods are made from ingredients you can pronounce, and the brands we carry bring something to the table. We’re looking for like-minded companies who want to create a better world.

Zadie’s is grounded grocery. We focus on creating an environment that feels inviting and honest, even if it’s online. Modern supermarkets have become huge, fluorescent, alienating spaces, more like a used car lot, somehow overstimulating and boring at the same time.

We aim to offer you the feeling of a walk in the garden.

Zadie’s is empowered grocery. We want to give you all the information you need to make good decisions about your diet and your wallet. When it comes to pricing, you won’t find us engaged in a race to the bottom. When that happens, farmers don’t get paid, and producers fluff their products with cheap fillers.

Zadie’s is game-free grocery. Most supermarkets weave a maze of tricks, a trail of loss leaders scattered through the store to entice you to spend more and obscure the true cost of food. We want to orient you on a clear, straight path through our shopping experience. We offer loss leaders because we know radical change doesn’t happen overnight, but we’ll tell you which products they are, and we’ll inform you about their true cost. We’re here to bring you into the conversation about what your food is worth to you.