How to Order a Thanksgiving Turkey

We are delighted to carry specialty turkeys for pick up or delivery throughout the greater Asheville, NC, area. Here's how to place a pre-order for the 2021 season.

  1. Visit our website and select your bird size and type.
    1. Our Small Turkeys from Joyce Farms weigh 10-14 pounds and cost $4.75 per pound.
    2. Our Medium Turkeys from Joyce Farms weigh 16-20 pounds and cost $4.75 per pound.
    3. Our Large Turkeys from Joyce Farms weigh 20-25 pounds and cost $4.75 per pound.
    4. Our Heritage Black Turkeys are the Rolls Royce of turkeys, and they are all 16lb+ for $9.00 per pound.
  2. Checkout with only the turkey in your cart. We hope you will shop for other items, but since this is a preorder, it really helps us if you place the preorder separately.
  3. Select the delivery or pick up date when you think you'd like to receive the turkey. Don't worry! You can change it later!
    1. Turkeys are available November 20-24
    2. We will deliver turkeys frozen. If you prefer a fresh, unfrozen bird, please schedule a pick up for November 19 or 20
  4. Pay the deposit. The price on the preorder is the deposit price to reserve your bird. We will bill you for your turkey by weight on November 19, and you will have until pickup/delivery to pay the final balance.
  5. Once you've placed your turkey order, be sure to return to the website and order produce and grocery for delivery today! Orders placed by noon will be delivered same day!

Our turkeys come from Joyce Farms in Winston-Salem. They are raised without antibiotics on an all-vegetable diet. These turkeys are raised cage-free. Joyce Farms practices regenerative agriculture, meaning their mission is to improve the land they farm on. 

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